Why would you live in Solihull?

About Solihull, West Midlands

Solihull has derived its name from “soily hill” which is the location of the oldest church in the town, the St. Alphege. This small town situated in the West Midlands County in the U.K has been in existence since the medieval times. Through the years it has grown steadily from a small market town into being the quiet, respectable neighbourhood it is today. It has just over two hundred thousand residents, commonly known as the Silhillians, and has been rated top amongst the ten best places to live in the whole of the UK; no small achievement.

There are several factors that make living in Solihull such an enviable place of abode. The cost of living in this West Midlands town is relatively good, the employment rates are higher and the incomes are also higher than the national average. The life expectancy is subsequently higher (81 years old for men and 84 years old for women). The benefits of living upcountry are also available, combined with a quiet urban setting in Solihull; the kind of life many envy and desire.


There are a host of local junior and elementary schools which serve the children of Solihull with the necessary education. There are several universities in close proximity to Solihull but none in the town itself. There is however Solihull College located in the town. We also have the Solihull Sixth Form College for those who do not fancy leaving town to further their education. In case you choose to live here, it is a guarantee that your children will get the best in education from the dedicated teachers in the local schools.


Renting a place to live in is no huge hassle in Solihull. Accommodation is relatively affordable and available; a six bedroom house in Solihull can be bought for the same amount you would spend renting a small flat in parts of London. There are many real estate boulevard developments at close proximity to the town centre, available to let and for sale too.

The fact that the town began hundreds of years back means that there are tons of classical architectural developments from back then. One with an eye for older properties will fancy living here. Of late, many celebrities have bought up real estate developments in Solihull so as to live there.


Finding employment in Solihull is also not a daunting task especially if you possess the correct type of skills and qualifications. Employment rates in this small town are high by comparison, which makes life easy and largely manageable.

Jobs available range from all service provision jobs to sales, civil service, labour, management and consultancy; the list is endless. Additionally, there are prospects of starting a small business in the work area of your choice. There is a substantial amount of office and business premise space in the town centre which is available to let.

The average disposable income for a single family in Solihull is much higher than most areas in the UK. It can be around 25% higher per head than other areas of the country.

Leisure and recreation

In Solihull you’ll find tons of things to do for fun. Foremost, the parks in this small yet beautiful town have been around for decades; they are well maintained and give you brilliant views of the vast country. The parks are themselves a beautiful sight to behold and savour.

Solihull is also home to the Land Rover. You might want to visit their site to find out exactly how they do things especially if you are a first time visitor to Solihull. You will also find a John Lewis outlet in Solihull and several excellent areas for shopping. There also are several sport centres and gyms, dance studios, cafes, saunas, swimming pools, bars, tennis courts, ice skating clubs, health clubs and restaurants to mention but a few. The shopping centre (known as the Mell square) at Solihull is awash with many other leisure activities for you to sample and enjoy.

If you want to explore the rest of the country, Solihull is not a bad place to start from. Solihull is well connected to the major motorways of England. This probably explains why there are so many campervan and motorhome owners in Solihull. The owner of MotorhomeFreedom.com who have motorhomes for hire in the West Midlands, said “The most popular area in the UK for motorhomes seems to be the North East of England, but this is closely followed by The Midlands and in particular, Solihull”.

Infrastructure and amenities

Road networks have been improved over time by the West Midlands County council local authority. The pedestrian areas have received upgrades time and again over the years and new link roads have been introduced with time as the need has arisen. Road is the main form of transport infrastructure within Solihull, but there also is a railway station in Solihull which is severed by local and national services. The streets are well lit and bear adequate walkway space for pedestrians and parking spaces for car drivers. Hospitals, clinics, churches, assembly halls and every other social amenity you would expect in a town centre setup are available in Solihull.  In fact it is an extremely tolerant and multicultural society; diverse and homely are two words which spring to mind immediately.


A railway network connects Solihull to Birmingham, Oxford, London and just about every major city you can think of. There also is a road network connecting the town to the rest of the country and hence accessibility is not a problem at all. Air transport to Solihull is not possible in a direct manner; however there are airports in London and Birmingham which serve the area extremely well.


There is a reason why Solihull is referred to as the town in the country. This is because it has a feel of the country despite being an urban centre. Lush mountainous landscapes offer a backdrop for the town. It is a lovely site to behold. The classical architectural styles in the town are reminiscent of the medieval times when the town was established. Natural materials such as brick and stone, which are often unfinished in paint, give the town an authentic and classy feel. It is a neat, clean place with proper urban planning. For those working and living in Solihull they find this environment is one that is extremely conducive to maintaining a happy relaxing lifestyle.  Solihull is a delightful place; one which we cannot recommend highly enough to you!